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A Film By Hudson Hughes


Coming Soon


WEDNESDAY IN SPACE is a low-budget sci-fi comedy written and directed by Hudson Hughes. A small diner in the galaxy's armpit is turned into a crime scene after the staff find a man's body lying on the bathroom floor - his head decorating all four walls. Not an uncommon sight for the diner's staff, but this was no ordinary space-sucking citizen - this was a Boogeyman.


Traffic warden Lucha Flax is no detective but she's the only one for the job, and possibly the only one who cares. A whirlwind of confusion, violence and aggressive cosmic TV commercials - Hudson Hughes'  'WEDNESDAY IN SPACE' is a dark comedy set in a galaxy with a thirst for blood and a taste for bad coffee.

Wednesday in Space is the debut feature of Hudson Hughes - a no-budget sci-fi comedy with the bits left in. If you want to keep up to date with our journey to the big screen and see some sneaky behind the scenes footage, follow us on social media and join our mailing list below!