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1ST-31st of AUGUST
I have been creating comedy films (and stage shows) for several years and in 2019 I decided to push myself and a group of 20 talented friends into the creative unknown - the final frontier, if you'll pardon the pun (please). It took the contents of my piggy bank and a metric ass-load of favours to obtain all the costumes, prop and set required to shoot this crazy film. The space diner was built over the course of a month in my reasonably-sized garage.

When I started this project I knew I had the tools required to see it through to film festivals, where it has successfully been selected and awarded, but after an early cut received raucous laughter at a private cinema screening I knew WEDNESDAY IN SPACE could have a life beyond the festivals.

As a certified 'crowd-pleaser', we plan to take this baby to cinemas in the UK before online streaming services. This is where you come. Just like Ocean's Eleven. You're Matt Damon and I'm George Clooney. And I'm also Brad Pitt. And Don Cheadle. Screw it, I'm all eleven of them and you're Julia Roberts. The point is, we need your help.

We're looking to raise £6500 to cover the cost of marketing, distribution and getting the film cinema-ready. In return, you could be wading knee-deep in some cool merch and a lasting sense of pride.

People who back our Kickstarter are sexier than average. That's just science.

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